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Hi, I am Varsha, an experienced content professional in varied domains, Viz, technology, marketing, online media, print media, electronic media, education, skill development, retail, finance, e-commerce, healthcare, social media, copywriting, technical writing, and so on!! Overall experience of up to 7 years but relevant experience in the core content I hold a complete 5+ years of experience. Having a subtle experience with the right blend of creativity and logical mindset, I have acquired a thorough digital skillset, mastering technology genre handling end-to-end deliverables of varied content forms in the b2b, and b2c sectors, across industries. I am interested in continuing my career journey in the field of content marketing as per the current market demand and company standards. One USP about me- quick adapting skill as per a company's requirement, customizing to specific needs of clients ranging from Start-Ups, SMBs, and Enterprises, globally.         

My educational background is in Mass Communication. Specialization in Content development, Content designing, Print media, Electronic media, Social media, and Campaign launch.Relevant expertise and skills in the technology genre in content marketing, campaign launching, content writing, content editing, content designing, content delivery, content management, social media content creation, EDM marketing, and project management.

Fair command of English/Hindi language & internet skills. Good knowledge of modern tools and platforms like Adobe Pro, Sharepoint collaboration tool, JIRA platform, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Google Docs/Spreadsheets, basic HTML, basic Invideo, WordPress, Blogs, SEO basics, Google Adwords, basic Canva, Spinbot, creative writing, press release writing & newsletters, whitepapers, ebooks, articles, social media, copywriting, EDM marketing, content delivery, Outlook, etc.

Fair command of Project Management skills!

I am a thorough professional who believes in continuous learning, reskilling, and upskilling as per the latest market trends and requirements. Businesses thrive if they are competitive and flexible in terms of technology adoption as per market demand, going digital, and important in today's perspective - trusting employees and taking ownership of employees' welfare and growth. Rest falls in place automatically and the end result? Increased ROI for your business!

Tell me if you differ from what I have said in the above lines. And that'd call for a direct interaction between us? Let me know!

My Latest Work

Coping Challenges with Effective Technological Solutions

The retail supply chain incorporates a complex structure and managing multiple stakeholders within the loop is a serious responsibility. Navigating the challenges becomes the topmost priority for a business to look into the underlying reasons behind them. The areas starting from procurement, operations, warehousing, distribution to logistics and reverse logistics, supply-chain in retail come across umpteenth challenges. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet-of-Things (IoT), and varied other
digital solutions can enable retail businesses to come out of the shackles and have a seamless experience. Modern digital capabilities like RAIN RFID, an advanced IoT technology, are helping businesses to accurately capture their first-party data and utilize them ultimately driving efficiencies and protecting fragile bottom lines across the supply-chain ecosystem. Robotic,
Predictive Analytics, and automation, all are heralding a new era for the supply-chain smooth functioning and operations in retail.

What is that connects Berlin and Buenos Aires

Ciro Cappellari is the Oscar award winning film maker who started career as photo journalist later on moving to the full scale cinematography and direction. Born in Buenos Aires, he moved to Berlin in later part of his life. Habibi - ein Liebesbrief & Nihil- oder alle Zeit der Welt (both 1985) were his initial films that brought him recognition at the international platform. Schwarzfahrer is the film that fetched him Oscar under the short film category in 1994.

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